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    • 1993        Zhejiang Mingzhu Animal Health Products Factory was founded.
    • 1994        ZWe developed animal anti-stress agent and promoted to the markets successfully.
    • 1997        We successfully developed feeds acidifer which was well accepted by the market.
    • 2001        Our products entered Sounteast Asia countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, etc.
    • 2004        Renamed as Zhejiang Mingzhu Animal Health Products Co.,Ltd.and started to establish a new plant.
    • 2005        New plant was finished.In December, we got GMP certification.
    • 2006        We got approval documents for batch production of new style veterinary medicine Nosiheptide Premix and
                        Decoquinate Premix.
    • 2007        We got awards of Yuhang District Agricultural Leading Company.
    • 2008        we're awarded as "Zhejiang Province Agricultural Technology Enterprise & Zhejiang feed industry technological
                        innovation service
    • 2009        we're awarded as "Agricultural Enterprise Science and Technology R&D Center in Zhejiang Province &
                        Hangzhou High-tech R&D center".
    • 2010        we're awarded as "National Engineering Laboratory".